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Bake 4 Me is a renowned bakery in Chandigarh for anniversary cakes, customized cakes,and gluten-free cakes.It is not just a bakery;it was the dream of a mother who left her IT career to embark on a new journey as a baker.I started my own home bakery that serves a wide variety of cakes, cookies, pastries, donuts, and more. As a home baker,I have been experimenting and testing, allowing me to enhance my passion and skills for baking. Now, Bake 4 Me is not limited to home baking;we have started our own bakery in Sector 35 Chandigarh.Along with this,we are offering comprehensive and distinctive professional bakery classes in Chandigarh for people who want to explore the field of baking.We can help them indulge in the basics of baking and pursue a successful career in the field, or we can fine-tune their skills as well.


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Motherhood ushers as a new dawn in a woman's life. But for many professionals, it marks a halt in their careers, and for some unfortunate ones, it terminates them. However, a much-awaited and cherished milestone of life doesn't necessarily have to be an end to a woman's career aspirations. My life story is a testimony to it. I am Shivani Singh Deo, a former I.T. professional and now an entrepreneur and owner of 'Bake for Me'.

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Bakery in Chandigarh

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Bakery in Chandigarh
Bakery in Chandigarh

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Bakery classes in Chandigarh

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Bakery classes in Chandigarh
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We believe that if baking is labor at all then it is the labor of love. A love that gets passed on from generation to generation.


Baking is therapy to us and as we mix heaps full of love in every delicacy we create our resolve is to give you the best of the baked goods!


It's not at all baked if it is not baked with love! Things we love are never short of quality, be they ingredients or time!


Flavours are part and parcel when it comes to baking but what if you get the flavourful trance with a twist of our creativity? An ecstatic blend to say the least!


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Bake 4 Me is ISO (International Standard of Organization) Certified. This means that our organization has developed, maintained, and been consistent in providing products that meet applicable regulatory requirements and continue to meet changing customer expectations.
Bake 4 Me ISO Number: 305024040363Q

Bake 4 Me is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Registered. This certificate ensures that our products meet the authority's safety criteria. Additionally, the license attests to the company's commitment to ethical business practices and responsible public health and safety management.
FSSAI Registration Number: 23023003000019

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